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Chicago web developers

Where to find web developers in Chicago

Ask around. Referrals are golden, but also consider the source. You're mom's friend's son-in-law is probably a developer. But is he reliable? It will be hard to tell unless your mom has worked with him.

Ask for referrals from someone you trust that may have worked with a developer in Chicago. Designers, marketing managers, photographers, copywriters, and business owners are all likely in a position to recommend a web developer that they have worked with.

For example, we recommend our friends at Ideal Project Group or DevMynd if you're looking for Ruby on Rails developers in Chicago.

Go where developers hang out. The best way to meet a developer in person is to find them in their native habitat. Scary, I know. Here are a few places in Chicago.

Post a job listing. If you know exactly what you want, a job listing on a few targetted job boards will bring you a few solid leads. Check out the Built in Chicago or 37signals job boards. Stay away from Craigslist, oDesk and traditional recruiters. Those sources may send you a lot of resumes but the quality tends to be lower and you'll have to spend a lot more time interviewing and qualifying candidates.

Obviously, we offer web development services in Chicago, too. But, we also realize that not every project or client is a perfect fit for our services. If you're looking for a Chicago developer get in touch and tell us about your project. If it's not a good fit for us we'll do our best to recommend a trusted colleague that can serve you better.

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